Pick up the pace


As I sit here thinking about what’s ahead of me during this last week of training leading up to my next half marathon…. I can’t help but think about my dear friend for whom I’ve dedicated this run. This week I will remember all of the beautiful things she brought into my life. For me, because of her and so many others, this race… this fight, is personal.


“TEAM LIVESTRONG TAKES ON EVERYTHING from 5Ks to Marathons, beginner rides to centuries and sprint to Olympic distance triathlons. We look for new challenges, and push ourselves to make a difference with our miles for the 28 million people living with cancer We take the path of most resistance, and then we pick up the pace”.

In less than one week I’ll again put on my Yellow. All in the name of cancer and the fight. I love the above excerpt from LIVESTRONG.ORG. It is such an example of  “why” I belong to this amazing Team. No, my race on Saturday isn’t an official “TEAM LIVESTRONG” event… but to me it is always about the fight. And, this year each race builds on the one before, in my goal to make it to Boston in 2014 representing the 28 million who are fighting this awful disease. And to get to Boston, I will run with Team LIVESTRONG through the streets of Chicago this fall. And to get to where I want to be in Chicago, each and every event I’ll compete in will be a new challenge, and in each one I’ll need to pick up the pace.

This Saturday is my second Rock the Parkway Half Marathon. I am counting on it to be a very special day. I’ve got some BIG goals, but in my opinion attainable goals. And… I’ll have Lori Webster close to my heart and I have a feeling that will be the extra inspiration I need to have a strong run and cross the finish line in record time.

I’m a competitor and I’m a cancer fighter. I AM a runner. I am a HOPE giver. With Team LIVESTRONG I can honor, encourage, inspire, embrace and give HOPE to the 28 million who are facing cancer and fighting to become SURVIVORS.

TLSsignI love this sign from the LIVESTRONG Austin run… “Stopping. Ain’t nobody got time for that” This FIGHT is personal. How appropriate!

The family, the friends… that’s what makes it personal. I run to honor Lori and so many others, and the millions still fighting to become survivors.

On Saturday I’ll be taking on a fast pace in hopes of crossing the finish line, but I’ll be taking on a lot more than that. The hopes of millions to get up and have the strength and the courage to fight every single day. Cancer doesn’t stop for anything, and I won’t either. Makes running a half marathon seem pretty easy doesn’t it?

About thirteenonegirl

My running journey began in July of 2011 and I am so excited to see where it is going to take me! I've recently added swimming and biking to my workout schedule with the ultimate goal of competing in triathlons (as well as half-marathon and marathons). When I'm not running, swimming or biking... I am a busy mom of four boys, a dog and am married to an incredible husband! I do media design and communications for The Summit Church and also am lucky enough to design for various non-profit organizations. I am passionate about my faith and have become involved in fundraising for LIVESTRONG and competing as a part of their Team!

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